May 9, 2011

Indianapolis Disability Appeals Attorneys May Help You From Start To Finish With Your Social Security Disability Claim

Social Security disability lawyers (or representatives) representing Social Security disability claimants in Indiana may help their Indiana neighbors in the disability claims process from the very beginning to the very end if the claimant wishes so. Some disability claimants feel they do not need representation at the initial stages of filing a disability claim with the Social Security Administration (SSA).  While others may have questions from “A to Z ” and may be confused by paperwork they have never seen before.  As a Social Security disability claimant, it is your right to have representation!  Whether you exercise this right to representation or not, some claimants find it comforting in just knowing that help is out there for you if you want it.

On a daily basis, Indianapolis disability attorney Scott Lewis answers numerous questions from disability claimants ranging from medical questions to financial eligibility.  Mr. Lewis finds much of his initial contact with potential clients involves many questions on exactly how to get the Social Security disability claims process started.  Indiana residents soon find out that there are a few different ways to get the ball rolling and which process is right one for them.  Also, Mr. Lewis attempts to explain how the disability claims process may unfold and how time constraints play an important role in processing Indiana Social Security disability claims.

Another major part of Mr. Lewis’ job is to talk to his fellow Indiana residents about their disabling conditions.  Mr. Lewis understands this can be one of the most difficult times in the disability claimant’s life.  Many individuals not only need the technical aspects of their claim answered, but a compassionate sounding board to talk to about how a disability can make everyday life very difficult.  Indiana Social Security attorney Scott Lewis and his staff strive to help disabled individuals through these very trying times.  Mr. Lewis and his staff spend the majority of their day on the telephone with their clients discussing the details of his client’s disability claims.  Disability lawyer Scott Lewis informs his clients that if they have a legal question regarding their disability claim, it is important that they talk directly with him.  While many questions can be handled over the telephone, Mr. Lewis welcomes an in person appointment.

After you file your initial claim and it has been denied, Mr. Lewis can help his clients with their “Request for Reconsideration” and “Request for Hearing by an Administrative Law Judge” appeals.  While Mr. Lewis advises his potential clients on what to expect when filing an initial claim, he does not file a representative form until the initial claim is denied.  It is very important to appeal your initial denial within sixty (60) days from the date of your denial to ensure you protect your ability to appeal the denial.  Indianapolis disability attorney Scott Lewis instructs future clients to call his office the day they receive their initial denial, so he can discuss the reasons for denial and determine how to proceed with the appeals process.

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