December 23, 2019

Will My Doctor Testify at My Social Security Disability Hearing?

Will my doctor testify at my Social Security disability hearing?  It is very rare that a treating physician will take the time to appear at your hearing.  Unless you have a personal relationship with your physician, you will probably find it very difficult to convince your doctor to attend a hearing.  I have found that some mental health professionals are more willing to come and discuss your impairments in a hearing.  I generally welcome any treating medical professional to attend the hearing in support of your claim for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.  In preparation for your hearing, I like to discuss with medical professionals the kind of questions they will be asked.  The hearings usually last less than one hour, so it is important to get testimony the Social Security Administrations (SSA) recognizes as pertinent to your claim. What can you do if your physician will not go to court with you?  You should try to get your physician to complete a Medical Source Statement.  A statement containing your diagnosis, physical limitations, mental limitations, compliance with treatment, and prognosis can help an Administrative Law Judge better understand how your disabling condition is affecting you.  You may find your physician is unwilling to complete a Medical Source Statement.  This does not mean you will lose your case.  The strength of your medical records alone can be enough for a favorable outcome.  Therefore, it is important to keep appointments, get appropriate testing, comply with treatment, and exhaust all avenues in trying to resolve your medical condition. I represent hundreds of Indiana residents every year at Social Security disability hearings and many do not have medical source statements, but still win their claims.  My office supplies our clients with forms to take to their doctors to … Continued

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February 20, 2011

A Few Thoughts About Doctors Not Supporting Your Indiana Social Security Disability Appeal

Social Security disability attorney Scott Lewis has seen doctors that will go to great lengths (usually short of going to your hearing of course) and doctors who refuse to help at all, and everything in between.  So what can you do when your treating physician will not support you in your Indiana Social Security disability appeal? It probably depends on why they will not support you.  There can be a variety of reasons why your doctor won’t support your disability claim.  Perhaps you simply do not get along with your doctor, or your doctor does not believe your disability prevents you from working, or finally maybe your doctor says he/she will help you, but will not assist you with your disability claim when push comes to shove.  In Indianapolis disability lawyer Scott Lewis’ experience, a cooperative treating physician can have a huge impact on you receiving a favorable outcome in your Social Security disability claim. So what can you do when your physician is not willing to help you?  It may depend on your health care coverage.  You may be limited on who you can see pursuant to your medical coverage.  It may help you to discuss your concerns with your treating physician.  Indiana disability lawyer Scott Lewis encourages his clients to try and have a good relationship with their doctor(s).  It is important to remember that physicians are people too and have likes and dislikes like all of us, and it makes sense if they like you they may be willing to go that extra mile for you in helping to establish your disability and your inability to hold down a full time job. Some Indiana disability claimants have the option of switching physicians when they are unhappy with their treating physician.  One of the problems Indianapolis disability attorney Scott … Continued

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