January 22, 2020

What Happens To My Disability Claim If I Pass Away?

What happens to my disability claim if I pass away?  A sad reality of many disability claims is that a person applying for disability benefits may pass away before their claim is resolved. A disability claim can sometimes take two years or more to resolve.  For claimants with severe medical conditions, they may not survive the wait. If your medical condition is documented as terminal, or you are expected to pass away soon, the Social Security Administration (SSA) may expedite your claim.  Sadly, not all of these claims are expedited.  Many of my clients ask me about what could happen to their claim if they pass away.  Some of my clients have passed away from an unexpected cause and not from the conditions they assert are disabling.  Different cases have different facts and must be pursued in a way that have the best chance of getting these past due benefits.  In claims for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, your family may be entitled to benefits if they file a Substitution of Party claim. A Substitution of Party allows for one person in a priority list of family members to pursue past due benefits on behalf of the deceased. The following groups of people may become a Substituted Party: The spouse of the deceased Surviving children Surviving parents, or The legal representative of the estate of the deceased In order to become a Substituted Party, the SSA will need several tasks completed. A Form HA-539 must be completed and a copy of the claimant’s death certificate must be submitted to the SSA. Additionally, an attorney assisting the Substituted Party may need other documents to be signed to properly represent the claim. If a claimant has passed away while waiting for a hearing, the Substituted Party may be asked to appear … Continued

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