June 16, 2022

Am I Limited in How Many Times I Can Apply for Social Security Disability?

Am I limited in how many times I can apply for Social Security disability? Some of my clients have applied for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits more than once. A person who has previously been denied may find themselves needing to file a new application. This can happen for a variety of reasons such as missing a deadline to appeal a previous denial, worsening of one or more medical conditions, or any other personal or financial reason.  Whatever the reason for a prior disability denial, you may be eligible to reapply for disability benefits. 

Denied Social Security Disability?
Denied Social Security Disability?

While there is not a limit to the number of times a claimant can file for benefits, there are other factors that you may need to consider.  Claims for SSI will require a financial resource interview with Social Security to make sure you are below the resource limit to be considered.  A person may have met those guidelines in the past, but Social Security will re-examine your assets on a new application.  For SSDI, a claim requires that the applicant have enough work credits to apply.  When you stop working, your work credits eventually expire. This expiration date is known as a Date Last Insured (DLI), and a person applying for benefits must prove that they were unable to work prior to this date.  If this date is too far in the past, it may prevent you from receiving disability benefits under the SSDI program.  If you have received a previous unfavorable decision, there could be issues that prevent Social Security from considering time periods that they have already evaluated in the past.

There can be many scenarios where a person who was previously denied for disability benefits may later be found to be eligible for disability benefits. For example, you may have worsening or even new medical conditions that Social Security has not previously evaluated. You also may have aged into a new category where Social Security will use a different standard to evaluate your claim. This could make you eligible for benefits now, where you were not at a younger age.  It may be in your best interest to discuss the facts of your case with the Social Security Administration or a Social Security disability attorney to see if filing a new application is right for you. Navigating through the complex process of Social Security disability benefits can raise many questions.  Every claim is different, so each case my require a unique combination of solutions to address these issues. Even if you’ve previously been denied, I encourage you to contact a qualified disability attorney to see if you qualify If you believe that your medical conditions prevent you from working.

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