Can I work and still receive Social Security disability benefits?

Yes, you may continue to work while receiving Social Security disability benefits. Although, if you earn more than the Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) amount allocated by the Social Security Administration, your benefits will end. In 2010, the SGA for non-blind recipients is $1,000 and for statutorily blind recipients is $1,640. After you deduct your impairment related work expenses, if you earn less than the stated amounts, you may remain eligible to receive benefits. On the other hand, if you earn more than the amounts indicated, your benefits may cease.

The Social Security Administration offers an incentive to return to work called “the trial work period”.  In this program, a person may still receive disability benefits while earning income.  It may be beneficial to speak to a Social Security representative to learn more details about the trial work period.  Other questions regarding Social Security representation and your disability claim, may be answered by a Social Security disability lawyer.

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