Should I hire an attorney to help me with my Social Security disability benefits claim?

It is not a requirement to hire an attorney to represent you at the hearing. Although, having representation by either a Social Security disability attorney or representative may be beneficial. These professionals are experienced with these types of claims and will lead you through the process, properly, prepare you for your hearing, and attempt to fight for what you deserve. Having representation is optional, but you may find it beneficial in your claim.

Experienced disability lawyers have been through numerous disability appeals and may know questions that need to be asked at the disability hearing and medical documentation that needs to be submitted in order to win you Social Security disability claim. 

Why should I hire an attorney?

Disability attorneys are licensed professionals held to strict standards.

Disability attorneys can answer questions you may have regarding the disability process.

Disability attorneys can assist you in completing forms you may not understand.

Disability attorneys can explain confusing correspondence you may receive from the Social Security Administration regarding your disability appeal.

Disability attorneys can help gather medical records from your treating medical professionals to submit in an effort to win your disability appeal.

Disability attorneys can submit forms to your treating medical professionals in order to show the Social Security Administration the severity of your disability.

Disability attorneys can represent you at your Social Security disability appeals hearing and ask questions of any witnesses that may attend the disability hearing.

Disability attorneys can help argue any legal issues that may arise at your disability hearing that you may not understand.

It is important when appealing your disability claim to always remember you have a right to be represented.  The Social Security disability hearing may be the most important legal situation you ever find yourself in, so a disability claimant should take all the steps necessary to get a favorable result.

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