Selecting a Social Security Disability Lawyer that is Right for You!

Much like Indianapolis Social Security Disability Attorney Scott D. Lewis, many attorneys advertise their services on television, on the internet, or simply in the yellow pages.  However, finding the “right” representative to handle your Social Security Disability claim is a different matter.  You may ask yourself what qualities you should look for when selecting an attorney to represent you. Although there are no clear cut answers to this question, here are some helpful tips.

You may want to ask the attorney if he focuses on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) cases and Social Security Income (SSI) cases. If he only does SSDI or SSI cases occasionally on top of other types of law, he may not be what you are looking for.  Sometimes, it’s best to select a lawyer who  focuses specifically on disability claims, giving him more experience and capability than a lawyer who simply dabbles in SSDI or SSI cases.

Ultimately, who you should choose simply boils down to who you feel comfortable with and who you trust to handle winning your SSDI and SSI benefits.

Although it would be difficult to immediately trust someone you barely know, you may want to gauge your initial trust level based on the following factors:

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  • Was the attorney accessible by phone and willing to return your phone calls?
  • Did the attorney seem knowledgeable regarding the Social Security disability system?
  • Did the lawyer answer questions to your satisfaction?
  • Does the attorney a helpful and courteous staff?

If your chosen Social Security Disability Lawyer and his staff can be reached by phone, returns your calls, knows how the Social Security system works, and is willing to ease your concerns by explaining the process to you, it’s likely you are receiving proper representation.

Scott Lewis is an experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer who is pleased to assist clients throughout the state of Indiana. Scott practices focuses in social security disability claims, including SSDI and SSI.  Scott provides his clients legal representation, personal attention, and responsive communications.  Call 317-423-8888 immediately for a free consultation.

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