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Unfortunately, SSD benefits are often denied, but you can still get expert help from an experienced legal team that has a great track record winning disability claims and appeal cases for their clients in Fishers, IN.

Assistance with Filing Your Social Security Disability Claim

Working with a lawyer that understands the complexities of disability law can greatly improve your chances to receive what you’re entitled to.

From the original application, to administrative hearings, and federal court appeals, Lewis Disability Law can help you navigate the Social Security system.

In order to ensure that you proceed through the process correctly, and without expensive delays, we can assist you in demonstrating your disability for a variety of medical conditions.

Social Security Disability: Claim Denied?
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Don't get frustrated! At our law firm, it's our mission to professionally represent our disabled clients, as well as their families, and work hard to get you the benefits you deserve.

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With an experienced lawyer fighting in your corner for you, you’ll maximize the chances of successfully submitting your claim or appeal, and receive the benefits you need to support your family and yourself.

At Lewis Disability Law, our skilled team can provide expert assistance with every aspect of the application procedure, including deciphering intricate paperwork and advocating for your interests.

We’ll work with you to assess the validity of your claim, and offer support throughout each phase of the process.

Appealing Denied SSDI and SSI Claims

Have you applied for disability payments through Social Security only to have them rejected?

If you would like to successfully appeal this decision, it is crucial that you hire a knowledgeable Social Security disability attorney to help you with the appeal process.

The biggest error people make after SSDI denials is failing to submit an appeal or doing so after the deadline has passed.

The majority of applicants who correctly appeal their case do, in fact, succeed.

To succeed in a disability lawsuit, you must never stop appealing.

How We Plan To Win Your Case

At Lewis Disability Law, we have a proven track record of securing favorable SSDI claim outcomes for our clients in Fishers, IN.

We fully recognize the significance of presenting a solid case, and will collaborate with you closely to obtain medical records, work history, and other pertinent documentation that can strengthen your claim.

Our team will persistently advocate on your behalf, ensuring that you receive the benefits you’re entitled to.

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Our legal team is well-versed in the intricacies of disability insurance law, and can provide you with the expertise necessary that will help you successfully claim your well-deserved benefits.

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I can’t thank you enough for everything! As soon as I got my first denial letter. I contacted your firm. You guys took care of the rest. It took all the stress off myself.. I put all of my trust into you guys and carried me all the way through. Thank you so much for everything. I’m definitely recommending you guys to anyone who needs help or has any questions about S.S.
Tonya Good
I had filed for SSDI twice on my own and got denied. After reading the reviews for this office I knew I wanted to have them help me. Robert was absolutely so kind and so professional, whenever I had a question or just needed to vent. Last week I was approved and I am so very happy I chose this firm! He helped me prepare for my ALJ hearing so that I knew exactly what to expect. I was nervous but I really did feel prepared when it was time for the hearing. Thank you to Robert and everyone for all of their hard work and dedication to my case! I’m a very happy client!
Kathi Hoffmeister
I would highly recommend this Disability attorney’s office I had tremendous luck with them and the professionalism and kindness I was shown was above and beyond. The prep I received for my hearing from Scott Lewis was I think the difference between me winning my case and not winning my case. I will be forever grateful for all of their help.
Stephanie Dalrymple


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