November 3, 2009

Acceptable Medical Sources for Social Security Disability

check mark.JPGAre you an Indiana resident filing a claim for Social Security disability?  Are you seeing a medical doctor regarding your disability?  Is your treating physician a nurse practitioner?  It’s not uncommon for claimants to schedule their medical appointments with the medical office nurse practitioner rather than the doctor.  This may affect whether or not you will receive a favorable ruling on your disability claim.  

When the Social Security Administration (SSA) evaluates a claim, they will review the medical evidence submitted by your medical sources.  Treatment notes, medical documentation or records must be submitted by “acceptable medical sources.”  The SSA has two categories of medical sources.  There are “acceptable medical sources” and other health care providers that are not “acceptable medical sources.”  It is important to submit medical evidence that was reported by “acceptable medical sources.”

“Acceptable medical sources” may include:

  • Licensed physicians
  • Licensed or certified psychologists
  • Licensed podiatrists
  • Licensed optometrists
  • Qualified speech-language pathologists

Unfortunately, the SSA does not categorize nurse practitioners or chiropractors as being an “acceptable medical source.”  This means that the medical evidence from a chiropractor or nurse practitioner cannot establish your medical impairment.  Although, information from other sources can be used to support your claim. These other sources may include non-medical sources such as social workers and employers; and public and private social welfare agencies; and other medical practitioners, such as physician assistants, nurse practitioners, naturopaths, and chiropractors.

Does this mean that your claim will be denied because you are not seeing an “acceptable medical source?”  Not always, the ultimate decision is in an Administrative Law Judge’s (ALJ) hands.  It is important for Indiana residents to keep in mind the medical sources that the SSA prefers may enhance your ability to receive a favorable ruling. 

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