Asperger’s Syndrome And Filing An Indiana Social Security Disability Claim

Believe it or not even individuals suffering from severe Asperger’s Syndrome can find themselves denied their disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA).  Indianapolis Social Security disability attorney Scott D. Lewis has experience with this type of claim, and often finds himself talking to families shaking their heads wondering why they have been denied.  Many valid initial claims are denied by the SSA, but the reality is that many of theses same claims are found favorable further in the appeals process.

Asperger’s Syndrome can range widely in its severity.  While one individual may suffer from very mild symptoms another individual may be very severe.  Asperger’s Syndrome may be hard to detect in very young children, but many times symptoms are noticed as children enter kindergarten and start interacting with their peers.  The symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome may vary from individual to individual but some common symptoms can include but are not limited to:

  • Problems with social interaction.  This usually includes the inability to identify social cues.
  • Unusual facial expressions and may attempt to avoid eye contact.
  • Heightened sensitivity to textures, tastes, sounds, and light.
  • Repeating words in a formal manner, and also may talk excessively about one subject.
  • Some individuals may find a change or routine very disturbing.

In Indianapolis disability attorney Scott Lewis’ experience some individuals symptoms suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome may not be easily detected in a brief interaction.  It is usually very apparent after an individual spends some time with the person and then understands these symptoms are continuous.  When attempting to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for Asperger’s Syndrome good medical records are generally the key to a favorable outcome.  A long standing relationship with a psychiatrist or therapist with a clear diagnosis supported by treatment records may greatly enhance a claim being granted.  In cases involving children, school records including IEP’s report cards, and teaches notes can help document the severity of the condition.

IF you are having difficulty finding an attorney due to the fact it is a child’s Social Security disability claim or are just frustrated with the claims process contact Mr. Lewis for a free case evaluation.  Indianapolis Social Security disability attorney Scott Lewis has represented and won claims for Asperger’s Syndrome.  Call (866) 950-5116 and receive your free telephone consultation today!

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