Part-Time Job & Social Security Disability Benefits

Can I get Social Security Disabilty Benefits If I have a Part-Time Job?

As an Indiana lawyer serving the Indianapolis & the surrounding area, Attorney Scott D. Lewis would never advise a Social Security disability claimant to not work if they are able to do so. In fact, many times he tells his disability appeals clients that they will not get rich by receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments and it is usually in the claimant’s best interest to work if they are able. Often times, claimants may find it much more lucrative to work rather than not work and receive disability payments.

On the other hand, some Social Security disability appeals claimants find that they are able to work on a part-time basis. It is true, it may be alright to work as long as your earnings do not exceed the limit set by the Social Security Administration (SSA). This limit is called the Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) amount. The monthly SGA amount may change each year.

It may be concerning to some claimants as to how this part-time work may be looked at by the adjudicators at the SSA. Many claimants wonder if the SSA will look at the part-time work and wonder if they are able to work more than part- time. Attorney Scott D. Lewis believes that this may a possibility. The SSA may believe the disability claimant can work more hours than he or she is currently working and the claimant is attempting to just stay under the SGA amount. The Social Security adjudicators may also believe the claimant is not seeking full-time work opportunities while remaining in a job setting that only offers part-time positions.

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Attorney Scott D. Lewis has been present for Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearings where his disability claimant has been questioned extensively about a part-time job. Right or wrong, judges may think the claimant is not trying hard enough to maintain a full-time job.

With the lengthy waiting period to get to a hearing for your disability claim, many Indiana claimants find that they must work or lose their home or be unable to feed themselves. When faced with such limited options, many disability claimants resort to work activities that may result in an even more painful outcome.

In the end, it is ultimately the disability claimant’s decision to work or not. Part-time work may raise eyebrows at the Social Security Administration, and may result in being questioned about your work activity. If you are considering filing for SSDI or SSI benefits and you have questions or need help on a pending claim, call Indianapolis Social Security Disability Lawyer Scott D. Lewis for a free consultation at (866) 950-5116. Attorney Scott Lewis handles disability claims ranging from mental disorders (such as depression and anxiety) to physical disorders (such as diabetes with neuropathy to degenerative disc decease) and nearly everything in between. If you believe that you have a qualifying disability, complete the contact form on this page and Scott Lewis today!

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