Consultative Examinations and Social Security Disability Benefits

examining room.JPGWhat is a Consultative Examination?
A consultative examination is paid for by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to help determine what disabling condition(s) the Social Security disability claimant may be suffering from. This examination may be performed by a psychiatrist, psychologist, or a medical doctor.

The role of the examiner is to generate a report that the Social Security Administration will consider to determine if the disabling condition meets the standards set forth by the SSA to be a disabling impairment preventing the disability claimant from working. This medical professional will not treat you, but instead will most likely question you about your disabling conditions.

Do I have to go to the Consultative Examination? Your claim may be denied if you do not attend the examination. While many Indiana residents complain that the physician at the examination did not adequately evaluate their disability, Attorney Scott Lewis advises his clients to go ahead and “jump through this hoop” in order to move the claim along. Although, it is very important to let the medical professional know all of your disabling conditions and try to explain how these disabilities affect you in everyday life.

Can my treating physician do my consultative examination? Yes, but Attorney Scott Lewis has never seen this done. Perhaps, treating physicians will not accept the low fee the SSA offers, or other reasons may exist. Almost always, the SSA will have a person that has no knowledge of the disability claimant’s condition perform the examination.

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In Attorney Scott D. Lewis’ Social Security disability practice, almost all disability claimants have similar complaints of consultative examinations. These complaints include:

  • The medical doctor, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist didn’t listen to me and would not even address the actual disabilities I have.
  • The medical doctor, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist rushed through the examination.
  • The medical doctor, psychiatrist, or phsychotherapist told me that I was disabled and there shouldn’t be a problem getting my benefits, but then shortly after I was denied benefits by the Social Security Administration.

In conclusion, Indiana resident going through the lengthy disability process need to acknowledge this is just one more step they are going through to hopefully receive their disability benefits. Attorney Scott Lewis finds that your own medical professional is usually your best bet when appealing your disability claim.

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