Degenerative Disc Disease and Social Security Disability Benefits

The quality of life Indiana residents experience can be greatly diminished by Degenerative Disc Disease. Due to chronic pain in the lower back, buttocks, thighs, hips, and legs may make it difficult to be gainfully employed. Disability claimants sometimes find themselves having extreme difficulty walking, standing, and even sitting for short periods of time. Other symptoms can include the inability to lift even light objects, experiencing pain when bending and twisting, and numbness and tingling in the extremities.

Does any of the above sound like things you experience on a daily basis? If so, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Degenerative Disc Disease and other back impairments can be severe enough to limit your activities of daily living in such a way that you are simply unable to function in a way that you can be gainfully employed. So if you find yourself in this situation, you may ask what to do.

If you are financially able, it may be beneficial to see a physician, preferably a physician that specializes in this type of disorder. Get appropriate testing such as an MRI, and remember the Social Security Administration (SSA) considers whether you follow your physician’s advice concerning treatment. Some treatments can include:

  • physical therapy,
  • anti-inflammatory medications,
  • spinal injections, and
  • surgery.

Disabling back conditions and Degenerative Disc Disease are no secret to the SSA. Many disability claimants’ experience severe chronic back pain. If your back impairment does not rise to the above stated levels, but you experience other phyical and mental impairments, the SSA may consider you disabled due to a combination of impairments.

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