Will I Have To Talk At My Indiana Social Security Disbility Hearing?

Indiana residents waiting on a Social Security disability hearing may find themselves anxious  and worried about what will happen when they enter the courtroom.  Indianapolis disability attorney Scott Lewis is often asked by his clients whether or not they will have to speak at the hearing.  Mr. Lewis advises his clients that they probably will have to speak at the hearing, but at the same time they should expect to be prepared for what kind of questions they will be asked.

As an Indiana Social Security lawyer, Mr. Lewis believes it is a very important part of his job to prepare his clients for the hearing.  Although no Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) is exactly the same, there is usually a general framework of questions that are asked of each client.  Indianapolis attorney Scott D. Lewis lets his disability clients know they are usually asked personal questions, job related questions, and medical questions.  Mr. Lewis believes your answers are sometimes judged as to whether you are credible.  In other words, are you believable, are you telling the truth, and are you exaggerating how much pain you are in.

Indiana Administrative Law Judges conduct numerous hearings every year and some can be pretty slick in the way they question you and may even try to trick you into making contradicting statements.  It is important to tell the truth and do not overstate the problems you are experiencing.  If you are honest and realistic about the problems you are experiencing then you will not have to worry about the credibility of the statements you make.  The pain you experience is usually not something a test can measure, so your own opinion of your pain is all an Administrative Law Judge can count on.

Indianapolis Social Security attorney Scott Lewis believes a good attorney will let his clients know what questions will be asked at an Indiana Social Security hearing.  Mr. Lewis believes a simple yes or no answer is not always the best answer.  When it comes to pain for instance you may want to answer with what the pain feels like, how often you feel it, and if anything relieves the pain.  A simple “yes” I have pain in my back may not be sufficient.

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So will you have to speak at your hearing?  Probably yes, but wouldn’t it be easier if you knew the type of questions before the hearing?  Mr. Lewis hopes his conversation with you before the hearing may take away some of the anxiety you may be experiencing.  Your day in court may not be the most pleasurable day you have had, but hopefully it will not be full of surprises.

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