Mental impairments may qualify a claimant for disability benefits as long as the impairment meets the criteria established by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

You can visit the SSA’s “List of Impairments” to view the criteria required for Mental Disorders.

In cases of mental disabilities, medical records from a trained psychologist or psychiatrist can be the most persuading evidence when trying to get your disability benefits.  While general medical practitioners may diagnose you as suffering from depression or anxiety, the Social Security Administration seems to put much greater weight on medical records from a professional trained in the particular field of practice you are alleging your disability falls within. 

If you can show your mental disability prevents you from maintaining substantial gainful activity, your may find your chances of winning your disability claim or disability appeal can be greatly enhanced. 

Unfortunately, many disability claimants with a mental disability have difficulty taking medications, seeing their physicians or psychiatrists on a regular basis, and keeping current with the disability appeals process.  

For these reasons, a Social Security disability claimant may need the assistance of a family member, friend, and the advice of an experienced Social Security disability attorney to guide them through what may seem to be a difficult process.

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