Social Security Disability Benefits for Indiana Residents With Emphysema

Emphysema affects 2 million Americans annually. People with this condition often wonder if they can receive social security disability benefits. The answer is yes, you may be able to receive social security disability benefits for emphysema and other lung conditions including asthma, cystic fibrosis, and lung cancer. Mayo Clinic defines emphysema as a condition that limits the amount of airflow when you breathe out. Some symptoms of emphysema might be shortness of breath and/or expansion of the chest caused by the trapped air in the lungs. The primary cause of emphysema is the smoking of cigarettes, but it can also be caused by an alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency.
The diagnosis of emphysema will be confirmed by a pulmonary function test and most likely an x-ray. Emphysema is an irreversible degenerative disease. The only thing to do to slow the progression is to stop smoking and/or not breathing any other lung irritants in. Pulmonary rehabilitation can help improve the patient’s quality of life and teach them how to manage their condition, but will not cure them. The only true cure for emphysema is a lung transplant but many of the patients are not strong enough to survive the surgery. This is due to the many drugs that emphysema patients are given to help the quality of life that cause damage to the other organs. The risk of infection is also very great with transplants because of the anti-rejection drugs that the patients must take. These drugs suppress the immune system therefore making infections deadly.

The Social Security Administration lists emphysema in section 3.00 of the listing of impairments under respiratory conditions. If you believe that you meet the qualifications for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) contact Scott D. Lewis, Attorney at Law. Scott D. Lewis may be able to help you get benefits for emphysema, diabetes, cancer, mental conditions, or any other qualifying conditions. Call 317-423-8888 for a free consultation.

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