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Often, Indiana Social Security Disability Claimants wonder how they can effectively work with their attorney in order to help their case.  In my experience as an Indianapolis Social Security Disability Attorney, I have found just a few things that my clients can do to enhance the chances of winning their Social Security claim and also help maintain a good working relationship with my office.

Continue to see your medical professionals.  As your attorney, I can argue until I am blue in the face to the Social Security Administration (SSA) about how disabled you are, but if we don’t have good supporting medical records the SSA usually doesn’t hear us.  If financially affordable, continue to see your physicians and accumulate medical documentation to support your case.

Meet deadlines.  If you receive materials that are time sensitive, make sure you meet those deadlines.  Before hiring an attorney, you may be responsible for filing your appeal.  Failing to meet these deadlines may result in starting the Social Security process from the beginning again.  Once you hire an attorney to represent you, they strive to meet these deadlines, but can still use your input.

Communication.  If your disability worsens or you go back to work, contact your lawyer.  There are certain times when a worsening condition may need to be addressed with the SSA in order to expedite the process.  Also, if you have returned to the workforce and no longer are seeking Social Security benefits, you should alert your attorney so he can assess the situation and possibly facilitate in withdrawing your Social Security claim.

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Be patient.  We understand the stress your disability and the lack of funds can put on a claimant’s life. Unfortunately, the Social Security Claims process in Indiana can be very long.  We, like our clients, get frustrated with the long waiting period.  It is important to realize that this process is more like a marathon than a sprint, and to win you must stick with it and attempt to keep your head up.

These are only a few things I find clients struggling with everyday. At the our law firm, it’s our goal to discuss these issues with our clients, and help them understand the importance of the end result we are all striving for – a favorable outcome.  For a free consultation, call 317-423-8888.

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