If financially affordable, disability claimants should continue to see their medical professionals to obtain good current medical records to support your Social Security disability case. As an experienced Social Security disability attorney, I cannot put enough emphasis on how important good medical records can be. 

For instance, if you have a back condition, an MRI may be what wins your case.  If you have a mental condition such as depression, bipolar disorder, or anxiety, good progress notes from your psychiatrist or therapist may be just what the Social Security Administration is looking for. 

Make your physician aware of your disability claim, and it may be helpful to ask for a letter stating what your disabilities are and how they effect your activities of daily living.

As stated previously, during the claims process, meet the deadlines that the Social Security Administration (SSA) establishes.  If you have hired an attorney or representative, communication is very important! Communicate when your disability worsens or improves, this may change the status of your case.

Lastly, be patient! The process may seem long and drawn out, but unless you complete the lengthy process, you will never know if you could have won. 

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