How I Run My Social Security Disability Law Office to Best Help My Clients

How I run my Social Security disability law office to best help my clients. I take immense pride in representing my clients in the way that I would want to be represented. My standards are high, and I believe my clients benefit from that.  I am constantly comparing my business practices not only with other law offices, but with other businesses that provide services. I am regularly surprised at how some businesses are run and how they stay in business. Recently I had a delivery scheduled for my home where no one ever showed up or even called. I then immediately thought about what would happen if I did that in my business. I believe this is unacceptable, and I strive to run my business in such a way that this would never happen. In this blog, I will discuss some of the things I concentrate on to ensure my clients receive the legal representation they deserve.

  • Communication. Prompt communication is essential to good representation, whether through telephone calls, mail, or in person. Answering your questions by taking and returning phone calls is a big part of my business. Most of my clients have important questions about their current cases. My staff spends a substantial portion of their day on the telephone with clients and the Social Security Administration (SSA).  My clients know that they can contact us about their medical conditions and any documents they receive from the SSA, and we update them on developments with their claims. We also use the mail extensively to communicate with our clients.
  • Timeliness. Being on time is critical with the SSA. There are deadlines that must be met. If we do not adhere to these deadlines, a client may find themselves having to start a claim from the beginning. If we find a client is not participating in returning paperwork to our office, we attempt to follow up on numerous occasions and document our efforts. We understand when you are disabled, you may need reminders and some extra effort to help you through the process.
  • Knowledge. Social Security Disability claims are all my office does. I have years of experience with the Social Security Administration. My office understands you may have limited, if any, knowledge on Social Security Disability matters. We attempt to explain this process in the easiest way for a client to understand. In the alternative, we can discuss Social Security Disability in very technical terms if necessary. I have represented my clients in thousands of cases before Administrative Law judges. At this stage in my career, it would take a lot to surprise me at a hearing. A good attorney will submit a prehearing brief to the judge and know what a judge will think is important to your case.
  • A competent staff. At this point in my career, I am so fortunate to have a staff on which I can rely. We use a collaborative method in preparing your case. From beginning to end of your case, we talk about your case amongst ourselves. One thing my office offers is the ability to talk to an attorney whenever you would like. Many offices use non-attorney case managers. I believe when you hire an attorney, you should be able to talk to an attorney. The Social Security disability process can be confusing, and my staff is here to help you through the process, answer your questions, and ease any anxiety you may be experiencing.

It is important to me that I run a business I can be proud of. People have asked me how much time I spend running my business. My typical response is to ask whether I should include the time when I wake up early in the morning at 3 a.m. wondering how I can make my law practice better. It is important to me that I give my clients the best chance of winning their cases. This starts with the initial client contact and follows through all the way to the resolution of the case. Every case is different and may require a different course of action. At the end of the day, I feel fortunate to have a position where I can help my clients get the disability benefits that they deserve.

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