I am receiving Social Security Disability Benefits, are my children paid benefits also?

If I am trying to get or I already receive Social Security Disability Benefits, will my children receive benefits also? Many disability claimants residing in Indiana may ask this question. There are different factors that figure into this equation. It is important to not “put the cart before the horse” because the main issue when trying to receive disability benefits is to win your claim and convince the Social Security Administration (SSA) that you meet the criteria for disability. Once you have achieved that favorable result then tackle the issue of whether your children will receive benefits.

So, if it is determined you meet the qualifications for Social Security disability benefits, also known as Title II benefits, your children may be entitled to dependent’s benefits. Dependent benefts can also known as auxiliary benefits. Generally, children under the age of eighteen, or if they are between eighteen and nineteen and are still a full time student in elementary or secondary education, are eligible for these dependent benefits. Other factors for eligibility of these children may include:

  • child.JPGif you are indeed the child of the insured,
  • whether you are actually a dependent of the insured
  • if the child is unmarried, and
  • that you have actually applied for these benefits.

There are also provisions for disabled children relating to the continuation of benefits. If all of the above applies to your situation and you are not receiving auxiliary benefits for your children, it is important that you contact the SSA to see if you qualify. Remember, when you are attempting to receive disability benefits for yourself or your children it may be helpful for you to be proactive instead of inactive.

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