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Coming from a hard working Indiana middle class family, Attorney Scott D. Lewis knows how difficult it may be to make ends meet on a limited income. If you find yourself disabled and unable to work, this may create an even heavier burden on you and your family. Indiana disability claimants struggling with paying bills and putting food on the table sometimes need encouragement in moving forward in the disability process. Indianapolis Social Security disability lawyer Scott D. Lewis often tells his clients to stay optimistic during the lengthy appeals process. While Indiana is currently ranked near the bottom among states in processing time for Social Security claims, many times a winning case can result in a substantial past due benefit amount and a continuing monthly social security disability payment.

Indiana attorney Scott Lewis often asks his clients if they have a good family support system during this trying time. The financial and emotional support of family and friends can help his disability clients make it through the waiting process. If you find yourself without a good support system while waiting for your Social Security disability hearing, and If you do not currently have health care, lawyer Scott Lewis tells his disability clients to look for help in the local community. It is important to try to find low cost medical care when waiting on your Social Security disability appeal. Good medical records can be the “smoking gun” needed to win your Social Security disability claim. Scott Lewis often tells his disability clients that he can argue until he is “blue in the face” to win their case, but without medical documentation to support the claim, it can be very difficult to win a disability claim.

Many of Scott Lewis’ clients do not know that Mr. Lewis is a 100% disabled service-connected veteran who is legally blind. Attorney Scott Lewis takes great pride in representing other disabled Indiana residents. Due to his own disability, Scott Lewis has decided to focus his practice on Social Security Disability Law. He sees many of the obstacles disabled people face as some of the same obstacles he has been forced to overcome. While Indiana disability claimants may not ever recover from their disability, a check coming in the mail every month may be one of the few positive things they can identify in their disabling condition. If the disabled person is entitled to a monthly disability payment, they should be able to look in their bank account every month and find it there.

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