Indiana Social Security Disability Benefits and Attorney Advisor Decisions

Indianapolis Social Security Disability Lawyer Scott D. Lewis has noticed in the recent past more Attorney Advisor favorable decisions. Indiana disability appeal claimants may ask what is an Attorney Advisor. An Attorney Advisor gives support to an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) in the form of technical and legal help. This can help process Social Security disability appeals claims in a more time efficient manner.

Social Security Attorney Advisors may help an Administrative Law Judge research and formulate a decision.  Social Security Attorney Advisors should have expertise in the areas of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in order to help the ALJ make an informed accurate decision regarding Social Security disability benefits.

Indianapolis Social Security disability attorney Scott Lewis often receives telephone calls from Attorney Advisors inquiring about his Indiana and Indianapolis Social Security disability clients. Some of the information an Attorney Advisor might request or inquire about may include:

  1. More medical evidence.  At times a Social Security disability Attorney Advisor may want additional medical records either concerning a physical disability or a mental disability.  The Social Security Attorney Advisor may be on the verge of approving your Social Security disability claim, but may be missing an essential document(s) to approve the disability claim.
  2. Amending an onset date.  Many times the Social Security disability Attorney Advisor is willing to approve your Social Security disability claim, but wants to change the date you say you became disabled.  The Attorney Advisor is essentially saying the medical evidence does not support your earlier date of onset, but he/she is willing to award you Social Security disability benefits if you are willing to change the date you became disabled to a later date.

While there are other items an Attorney Advisor may want to discuss with an Indiana Social Security Disability Attorney the above two items seem to be the most common in Social Security disability attorney Scott Lewis’ practice.  In Indiana Social Security disability Lawyer Scott Lewis’ experience a call from an Attorney Advisor is usually a good thing for his Indiana disability claimants.

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