September 16, 2011

Indianapolis Disability Lawyers Can Help In Appealing Your Social Security Disability Claim

At times, the Social Security disability claims process can be frustrating and confusing.  Indiana disability attorney Scott Lewis talks to many clients about their concerns regarding the disability process.  Going through the difficult time of dealing with a disabling condition combined with the paperwork involved in a Social Security disability claim, may possibly create a very stressful situation.  Mr. Lewis strives to alleviate some of his clients worries by assisting them in the claims process.

The Social Security disability claims process has very distinct stages in obtaining an outcome for your claim.  These can include:

  •   Filing the initial claim application
  •   Filing a “Request for Reconsideration”
  •   Requesting a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge
  •   Appealing the Judge’s decision to The Appeals Council

Obviously the first step in any claim is getting started.  Filing an initial claim can be done by visiting the Social Security Administration’s website at or by calling their toll free number at (800) 772-1213, or by visiting a local SSA office.  Mr. Lewis often spends time with prospective clients during this initial stage addressing their concerns.

If your initial application is denied, the next stage in appealing your claim is to ask for a “Request for Reconsideration”.  This is basically telling the Social Security Administration they have made a mistake in denying your claim and they need to take another look at it.  Unfortunately, the majority of these requests are denied again, but it is important not to give up at this point if you feel you have a valid claim.  Proceeding on in the next steps in appeals process may be in your best interest.

The next step, in what can turn out to be a lengthy process, is to request a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).  Statistically, studies show that your odds of winning your claim rise at this stage if you have a valid claim.  The setting is an informal hearing in which your testimony is considered in combination with your medical records.  Mr. Lewis spends the majority of his time preparing for and representing his Indiana neighbors at these hearings.

If an Administrative Law Judge finds your claim unfavorable at the hearing level, you can appeal that decision to the Appeals Council.   Actions taken by the Appeals Council can include remanding the decision back to the hearing level, reversing the decision, or they may agree with the Judges previous decision.

The above information is just a quick summary of the disability claims process and different claims may have different fact scenarios with different outcomes.  To an individual not familiar with the above process the services of an experienced Social Security disability attorney or representative may be helpful.  Indianapolis Social Security disability attorney Scott Lewis takes great pride in helping his clients through this process.  if you would like a free consultation contact Mr. Lewis and his staff at (317) 423-8888 today!

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