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It shouldn’t be surprising Indiana disability claimants are usually struggling to make ends meet. Indianapolis disability lawyer Scott Lewis understands the financial problems a disabling condition can cause and provides a free consultation to evaluate your Social Security disability benefits claim. Social Security disability attorney Scott Lewis receives numerous calls per week from Indiana residents who are confused by the Social Security process and are happy to hear they can receive a free evaluation of their case.

What happens in a free Social Security disability case evaluation? Generally, Mr. Lewis finds these calls fall into two categories:

  1. Individuals who have not filed for their Indiana Social Security disability benefits.  These individuals usually have questions as to how disabled they must be, if a particular disabling condition qualifies them for benefits, how long they must be off of work, and finally and perhaps most important how do they file their initial claim.  It is not uncommon for these individuals to have numerous questions as the Indiana Social Security disability process can be confusing.  Indiana residents who have not applied for their Social Security disability benefits need to know the majority of Social Security disability claims are denied at the initial stage.  During this initial free evaluation Indiana Social Security clients should ask disability attorney Scott Lewis as many questions as possible to help clear up any confusion regarding their disability claim or about the Social Security disability claims process.  After all, it’s a free consultation so disability claimants should use it to their advantage.
  2. Individuals that have been denied their Indiana Social Security disability benefits.  Most of these Indiana residents call disability lawyer Scott Lewis sounding disgruntled and upset that Social Security is disapproving their claim when they know they are unable to work and support themselves and their family.  Questions these individuals may be asked include how much time do they have to appeal the decision,  why were they denied, what is the next step, what happens if I get denied again, and how can I afford to pay an attorney.  Usually after a lengthy phone conversation, Indiana disability lawyer Scott Lewis can answer most, if not all, of his client’s questions and reassure them their odds of winning their claim will go up with an appeal, and there is absolutely no cost to them if Mr. Lewis does not win their Indiana Social Security disability claim.

Indianapolis Social Security lawyer Scott Lewis understands every disability claim is unique.  While you may not fit into the two categories above, you should feel free to contact Mr. Lewis for a free consultation if you are thinking about filing for Indiana Social Security disability benefits or your Indiana Social Security disability benefits have been denied.

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