Indianapolis Social Security Disability Hearings Office Holds Numerous Video Hearings

Times are changing and with advances in technology and an increase in Indiana Social Security disability claims it may be a good thing depending on your perspective.  If you have been waiting on a Social Security disability appeals hearing in Indiana you just might find yourself in a hearings office staring at a television monitor.  Does that sound impersonal?  Well, the Social Security Administration says you have a choice if you notify them in time so that you can be heard in person.  Indianapolis Social Security disability attorney Scott Lewis believes there can be advantages and disadvantages to a video hearing.

So what can be a potential advantage?  You may get in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) sooner by accepting a video hearing.  Indiana disability lawyer Scott Lewis receives numerous calls from his clients during the long waiting process and the majority of his clients state they are in financial turmoil because they are unable to work and support their families.  The thought of turning down a video hearing and waiting for an in-person hearing with an unknown date often makes this an easy decision for these individuals struggling to put food on the table.

Indianapolis Social Security disability attorney Scott Lewis believes there can be potential drawbacks to video hearings.  One major drawback can be that the Administrative Law Judge is unable to clearly assess your disability through video teleconferencing.  This may be due to the fact the ALJ cannot see that you entered or exited the hearing room in pain and difficulty.  In Mr. Lewis’ experience at times there can also be difficulties with the audio equipment.  The audio equipment may cut in and out and there are many  times there is a delay in picking up the person’s voice that can cause individuals to talk over each other.  Individuals should remember technology does have its drawbacks.

Indiana Social Security disability attorney Scott Lewis has represented Indiana disability claimants in numerous in-person and video teleconferencing hearings and has had success in both settings. If you are looking for Social Security disability representation contact Indiana attorney Scott D. Lewis for your free case evaluation.  Call (866) 950-5116 for your free consultation and discuss your claim with Mr. Lewis.

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