Indiana Residents Seeking Disability Benefits for Pancreatic Cancer

It is estimated that by the end of the year 2010 a little over 43,000 people will have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the United States. Some of these people are Indiana residents wondering if they can receive social security disability benefits for this condition. Pancreatic cancer is in section 13.20 in the listing of impairments under malignant neoplastic diseases. As defined by The Mayo Clinic, Pancreatic Cancer is cancer of the organ that lies directly under your stomach. The pancreas releases enzymes that help digest food and hormones for your metabolism. Some symptoms of pancreatic cancer may include pain in your upper abdomen, jaundice, loss of appetite, weight loss, and clinical depression. No one knows for sure what causes pancreatic cancer but there may be some risk factors. These may include age over 60 years old, smoking, obesity, and African-American ethnicity. There are many different tests that a doctor may perform to determine if someone has pancreatic cancer. The most common is a biopsy, while an x-ray or a CT scan might also be used.

Indiana residents attempting to receive social security disability benefits from the social security administration may be interested in knowing the different stages of pancreatic cancer. There are four main stages of pancreatic cancer. Stage one is cancer in the pancreas only. Stage two is after the cancer has spread to nearby tissue and possibly the lymph nodes. Stage three is when the cancer has spread to the major surrounding blood vessels and the lymph nodes. Stage four is cancer that has spread to all surrounding organs and most of the abdomen. There are two main treatments for pancreatic cancer. The first is surgery. This is only possible if the cancer is in its early phases. This procedure involves removing the pancreatic head if the cancer has not spread any farther. If the cancer has spread farther than the pancreatic head, then chemotherapy may be the next best option. Chemotherapy is used because of the benefit of survival and it may improve the quality of life in general for the patient. The preceding information is intended as a summary of information from other sources, and is not intended to be used as medical or legal advice.

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