Musculoskeletal System Disorders

Social Security Disability Qualifications - Musculoskeletal Disorders
Contact Scott D. Lewis if you have musculoskeletal conditions that may qualify you for Social Security Disability.

How does the Social Security Administration (SSA) describe a Musculoskeletal System Disorder?

The SSA describes musculoskeletal impairment as the inability to walk or move around effectively on a continued basis. This includes

The duration of the musculoskeletal systems disorder must have lasted for at least a 12 month period or is expected to last for at least 12 months.

How does the SSA evaluate a Musculoskeletal System Disorder?

The SSA will determine whether an individual can essentially move or is able to perform fine and gross motor skills effectively based on the medical evidence.

What are some categories of Musculoskeletal System Disorders?

The following categories of musculoskeletal system disorders are described more in depth on the SSA’s website:

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