Social Security Administration’s (SSA) Website

Applying for Social Security disability benefits is not the only thing you can do on the Social Security Administration’s website. Do you get frustrated with the long wait while visiting the Social Security Administration (SSA) or get annoyed by being placed on hold before a real person answers your call?  In our fast paced technology rich world in many cases you do not have to stand in a long line at a social security office or be placed on hold trying to contact the SSA through a toll free number.  For those that have internet access, you can simply go to and see if what you need is at your fingertips.

You may be surprised by some of your options available at SSA’s website.   Some items available to you are:

  • you can find out if you qualify for benefits;MOUSE.JPG
  • you can apply for benefits; or
  • see what your benefits might be in the future

If you are already receiving benefits, you can:

  • file a change of address or phone number
  • ask for a letter proving your income

If you have misplaced your Medicare card, you can get a replacement just by applying online.  You can even get information of on requesting a Social Security card.  The SSA’s website is very informative and many resources are available such as forms and publications.  You may find the easiest way to locate your local Social Security Administration office is by visiting the SSA’s website.

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These are just some of the topics that may be of value to Indiana residents who need to interact with SSA or perhaps apply for Social Security disability benefits.  If you didn’t know, there is even a tutorial video about the website.

So if you do not want to waste any more of your valuable time by waiting in lines or have your phone glued to your ear, you might want to visit and see if what you need is just a mouse click away.

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