Social Security Disability Benefits at Retirement Age

If I am receiving Social Security disability benefits and I reach the age of retirement for Social Security retirement benefits, what will happen?

question mark.JPGMany individuals receiving Social Security disability benefits wonder what will happen to their disability benefits when they reach full retirement age. Indiana residents often call the law office of Scott D. Lewis to inquire as to if they will get two payments or what exactly they should be prepared for at that time.

If you are currently receiving Social Security disability benefits, you should be aware your disability benefits are 100% of your primary insurance amount. Will you receive two disability payments? No, when you reach retirement age, your Social Security disability benefits payment amount will automatically convert to regular Social Security retirement benefits. Will your Social Security disability benefits remain the same forever?  Probably not, because there are periodic cost of living adjustments (COLA) determined and it can have an impact on your Social Security payment amount.

There may be one important change when you reach retirement age and your disability payments are converted. Social Security states you are able to receive your benefits with no limits on your earnings starting on the month of your retirement age. For an idea as to what Social Security considers full retirement age, you can refer to the SSA website.

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