Social Security Disability Benefit Payments


Are you an Indiana Social Security disability claimant that has recently been approved for disability benefits? Like most claimants, you are wondering when you will receive that first payment from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are designed to replace a claimant’s income once they are no longer able to work due to their disability. As with all claimants, these payments are usually desperately needed. Since all benefits are not equal and every situation is unique, Indianapolis Attorney Scott D. Lewis states that it is very difficult to determine when you will receive your first disability payment. Factors may include:

  • how soon the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) made his decision,
  • how soon the decision is written, and
  • how soon the payment center is notified of a favorable ruling.

Also, it should be noted that many delays may be contributed to human error. The above factors are not the only variables in receiving your first disability payment. Other issues may arise creating substantial time delays in the process. Today, millions of Americans are waiting even longer for their disability payments, unemployment checks, and food stamps. Some sources state that the number of people waiting for their first disability checks has increased 38% in 2009 from 2008 due to the recession. Many states have had to furlough payment processors causing substantial backlog in the processing centers.

When you receive your notice of award, there may be specific information regarding your disbursement of benefits. Regardless of how long you have to wait for the first payment, any past due payments that you are entitled to are usually being processed at the same time.

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