Social Security to Repay Denied Disability or Retirement Benefits Due to Recent Settlement

A class action lawsuit, Martinez vs. Astrue, was settled in California paving the way for the monies owed to Social Security benefits claimants or recipients.

This settlement may effect over 200,000 people.  In this lawsuit, 120,000 people refused assistance may request back payments or reapply for benefits and 80,000 people wrongfully denied may receive restitution.

Over $500 million is the price tag Social Security will come up with to pay those wrongly denied disability or retirement benefits.  

It appears that if your birth date or name matched an arrest warrant in error or even for a minor traffic infraction, your benefits could have been denied or withheld.

Social Security Disability: Claim Denied?
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Indianapolis Attorney Scott D. Lewis believes these wrongful denials and withholding of funds, to those most in need of assistance, could have a devastating effect on these individuals and their families. 

Indiana residents that were denied due to this should contact their local Social Security Administration (SSA) or consult a qualified Social Security Disability Attorney or Representative to see if they may qualify for retirement or disability benefits.

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