December 14, 2011

Social Security Disability Benefits For Children And The Indiana Appeals Process

Children suffering from a disabling condition may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits.  Many times, if income/resource restrictions are met the child can be entitled to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits if the disabling condition is severe enough.  Indianapolis disability attorney Scott D. Lewis has found some Social Security disability attorneys in Indianapolis do not take on child disability claims.  This may be from a variety of reasons, but Mr. Lewis believes many of these cases can be won.

While the underlying question of how severe the disability is can be similar to an adult disability case, the question of whether or not the individual can work is generally not an issue in a child Social Security disability claim.  Instead, the Social Security Administration (SSA) looks at six (6) different domains when determining a disabling condition for a child:

  • Acquiring and using information.
  • Attending and completing tasks.
  • Interacting and relating with others.
  • Moving about and manipulating objects.
  • Caring for yourself.
  • Health and physical well being.

As you can see by these domains they address not only physical limitations, but mental limitations as well.  In Indianapolis disability attorney Scott Lewis’ experience it is very important to be able to provide medical records supporting the child’s disabling condition.  For instance, if your child suffers from a mental condition, a treating psychiatrist or therapist’s medical records may go a long way in proving a disability exists.  Also, if your child has problems at school an IEP or notes form a teacher detailing what special needs the child may require can also help document the presence of the disability.

If you find your child is not performing at an age appropriate level and/or has a physical or mental disability that you believe should qualify him/her for disability payments contact Mr. Lewis for a free case evaluation.  Mr. Lewis and his staff take great pride in helping individuals with disabling conditions.  Call (317) 423-8888 for your free consultation.  

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