February 26, 2011

The Third Party Function Report and Your Indiana Social Security Disability Benefits

Scott D. Lewis often hears from his Indiana Social Security disability clients and their families that they are confused by the paperwork they receive from the Social Security Administration (SSA).  The forms are usually requesting information in applying for and appealing their Indiana Social Security disability claim.  One of these forms is called the “Function Report – Adult – Third Party”.  It is also known as form SSA – 3380 – BK.  Now with that mouthful out, are you afraid to pick up your pen and start the application and appeals process?  Well, Indianapolis disability lawyer Scott Lewis advises his clients and their families to not be intimidated in completing forms required by the Social Security Administration.  Most of these forms Mr. Lewis’ office can assist in completing or guide you, family, or friends through in completing the forms if you wish to complete them for yourself.

The Third Party Function Report has various parts and these include:

  • General Information that includes names, relationship to the disabled person, contact information, and other data.
  • Information about daily activities including how a typical day is, whether the disabled person can care for themselves on a personal level, preparation of meals, house & yard work, mobility, shopping, money management, hobbies, and social activities.
  • Information about their physical and mental abilities of the disabled person.
  • Finally, a remarks section.

Indiana disability attorney Scott D. Lewis tells these third parties that complete this form to be as thorough as possible.  It is important to be truthful and remember their is a reason this form is being asked to be completed.  It is to determine if the Indiana disability claimant has a disabling condition that is severe enough to prevent them from securing and maintaining substantial gainful activity.  In other words, if the Social Security Administration believes you are able to do work like activities as in caring for yourself, caring for others, doing your own laundry, cooking for yourself, shopping, and participating in hobbies and social activities there is a greater possibility you can also perform a job and work like activities.

Many individuals struggling through application and appeal forms, do not know they have a right to representation.  Indiana Social Security disability attorney Scott D. Lewis offers a free consultation and is available for a phone or in person case evaluation.

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