Apply for your Social Security benefits as soon as you become disabled. There is not a waiting period for your eligibility to apply for benefits.

It may take the Social Security Administration (SSA) several months to process your application, so it is important to get your application submitted quickly.  You will need to complete an application for Social Security disability benefits along with a Disability Report.  You can find the Disability Report on the SSA’s website.  

Gathering other information prior to submitting your application to the SSA will help speed up the application process.

The SSA will need the following information for you:

    1. Social Security Number
    2. Birth Certificate or Baptismal Certificate
    3. Contact Information (including name, address and phone number) of all doctors, caseworkers, hospitals, clinics, and etc. that have cared for you.  Include all dates of visits with each contact.
    4.  List of Prescriptions/Medicines (include name and dosage)
    5. Copies of all medical records.
    6. Laboratory and test results.
    7. Summarize your work history (including where you worked and the type of work your performed.)
    8. Copy of your most recent W-2 Form or a copy of your last Federal tax return.

The SSA may require other forms to be completed with you initial application.  Don’t delay applying for the benefits that you deserve.  Apply immediately!

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