Will I Get the Chance to Talk to An Actual Attorney When I Call Your Office?

A common complaint I hear from perspective clients is that when they hire a lawyer, they seldom get the chance to speak directly to the lawyer. The majority of my staff are attorneys who focus on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims. The attorneys in my practice make the decision to accept potential clients, not the administrative staff. We believe this initial attorney/client contact is crucial in beginning our case.

The initial contact with an attorney can help you decide if the relationship is a good fit for you, in addition to helping you understand the disability process. The lawyers in my office strive to explain not only the process, but what can be done to enhance your chances of winning your disability claim. This initial contact can give you the opportunity to ask questions regarding the appeals process, the importance of your medical providers, and your chances of being successful in your disability claim. With my office, the attorney client contact does not stop after the initial conversation. Our attorneys answer questions from current clients on a daily basis.

The wait to have your case heard in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) can be lengthy. Many things can change during the long wait and chances are, you will have additional questions along the way. They can range from status updates and updating your medical providers and diagnoses, to questions regarding your ability to go back to work and what ramifications that will have on your claim. Our office is busy, and I believe you should want it that way. We are working with medical providers to get your medical records, filing appeals, corresponding with the Social Security Administration (SSA), and preparing cases for upcoming court dates.

Our administrative staff works closely with the SSA and the attorneys in the office and are very familiar with the cases. They can answer many of your questions and at times, may be the best source for answers. Many times, the fastest way to get information is to ask the receptionist when you call in. You may find the answer is at her fingertips. I am fortunate to have a dedicated staff which I can depend on, and that can translate into a favorable result.

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Whether you select my law office for Social Security Disability representation, or another office, make sure you are comfortable with the attorneys and staff and that they are knowledgeable about your claim. At times, the Social Security Administration may seem cold and hard to reach, but I believe you should not feel that way about your legal representation.

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