Will It Help If My Doctor Supports My Indiana Social Security Disability Benefits Claim?

Indianapolis Social Security Disability Lawyer Scott D. Lewis encourages his Social Security disability clients to try to have a good relationship with their treating physician(s).  Generally speaking, it is usually very helpful to have your physicians on your side.  When it comes down to “crunch time” and the Social Security Administration (SSA) is looking for certain medical documents to support your Indiana disability claim, a helpful physician, psychiatrist, or therapist may be just what you need.

Indiana Social Security appeals claimants may wonder how their doctor can help their disability claim.  There are a number of ways they may help:

1.  Medical specialists who keep detailed records including progress reports, test results, and the prognosis of your disabling condition, may play an important role in receiving a favorable outcome on your Social Security disability claim.

2.  Indianapolis Social Security Disability Attorney Scott Lewis often asks the treating physicians to complete questionnaires concerning your disabling condition.  Many times, these questionnaires can help pinpoint your disability so that an Indiana Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) can more easily find that you suffer from a disabling condition that prevents you from working.

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3.  Your treating physician can provide letters detailing your disability and provide information as to the intensity, duration, and disabling effects of your impairment.  These letters can also provide information regarding the physician’s opinion as to whether you are able to work or not.

In Indianapolis disability attorney Scott Lewis’ experience the  Social Security Administration  and Indiana Social Security Appeals Judges usually want to see medical records from physicians that specialize in the area that you are claiming disability.  For instance, a General Practitioner who has diagnosed you with Bipolar disorder usually does not carry as much weight as a psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist that specializes in that particular area. The past experiences of Social Security disability attorney Scott Lewis have taught him while a General Practitioner’s medical records are good, a specialist’s medical records are even better.

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