Your Indiana Social Security Disability Appeal and Your Ability To Concentrate

Scott D. Lewis is an Indianapolis disability lawyer who fields many calls from Indiana disability claimants stating that they have a very hard time maintaining concentration due to a mental condition.  Many of these conditions can make it impossible for a person to maintain employment because they are simply unable to stay on task and maintain attention in a work setting.  The Social Security Administration (SSA) is required to consider your ability to maintain concentration, persistence, and pace in making a disability determination.

The Social Security Administration usually makes an appointment for those individuals claiming a mental disability to see a physician to establish the limitations experienced by the mental disorder.  A form is completed called a Mental Functional Residual Capacity Assessment.  This form contains various headings including the ability to sustain concentration and persistence.  The individual completing the form is to check the appropriate box indicating the severity of the condition.  In Indianapolis Social Security lawyer Scott Lewis’ experience the physician completing this form usually underestimates the severity of the mental condition concerning concentration, persistence, and pace more than any other limitation contained on the form.  So, now you have left the examination and the reviewer believes your limitations are not significantly limited or only moderately limited, what happens next?

Don’t give up!  If you believe your Indiana Social Security disability claim is denied because of this and you believe you have a valid claim, you should appeal that decision.  Many times, Indianapolis disability attorney Scott Lewis finds an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) after hearing your testimony finds that you are indeed unable to stay on task for the required amount of time to maintain employment.  Indiana residents that finally reach their day in an Indianapolis Social Security disability appeals courtroom may find not only the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), but various experts in the courtroom also believe they are unable to maintain concentration, persistence, and pace to maintain employment.

How can you prove you cannot stay on task long enough to maintain employment?  Good medical records may be the key to a favorable outcome.  An ongoing relationship with your psychiatrist or therapist combined with detailed treatment and progress records may benefit you greatly in the long run.  Indiana Social Security disability claimants may find it beneficial to describe in detail to their health care providers the problems they experience staying on task.

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