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How Much Will My Social Security Disability Payment Be? - How much will my Social Security disability payment be? The amount of monthly Social Security disability payments can vary greatly from person to person.  There are two distinct disability programs that pay monthly benefits.  Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is […]
Attending College While Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits - Attending college while applying for Social Security disability benefits. You or someone you know may be applying for Social Security disability benefits while attending college. People living with disabilities may attend college for several reasons. You may want to try […]
Social Security Disability and Using a Cane or other Assistive Device. - Social Security disability and using a cane or other assistive device. When the Social Security Administration (SSA) analyzes your claim to determine whether you can work, there are certain things that can enhance your ability to get your benefits.  A […]
Things You Can Do to Help in Your Social Security Disability Claim - There are things you can do that may enhance your ability to win your Social Security disability claim.  If you are just sitting back hoping the Social Security Administration (SSA) is going to find you disabled, you may be in […]
Should I Object to My Social Security Disability Hearing Being by Telephone Because of COVID? - Should I object to my Social Security disability hearing being by telephone because of COVID? At the present time, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings are being held by telephone only.  There has been no […]
Why Did the Judge at My Social Security Disability Hearing Care So Much About My Past Work? - Why did the judge at my Social Security disability hearing care so much about my past work? There is a lot going on at a Social Security disability hearing, and most of it is going to be information you have […]
Receiving Social Security Disability if You Have Difficulty Standing - Receiving Social Security disability if you have difficulty standing. If you are experiencing problems standing, you may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits. There may be a variety of reasons that impact your ability to stand.  These can include […]
Does Bipolar Disorder Qualify Me for Social Security Disability? - Have you filed an application for Social Security Disability due to Bipolar Disorder?  If you have applied, or you are thinking about applying, there are things you should know about how the Social Security Administration (SSA) will examine your claim […]
How Do I Choose the Day I Say I Became Disabled with the Social Security Administration? - How do I choose the day I say I became disabled with the Social Security Administration? When filing your Social Security disability claim, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will ask you the date on which you believe you became disabled.  […]
How will the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Affect my Social Security Disability Claim? - How will the Coronavirus (COVID-19) affect my Social Security disability claim? The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted many aspects of our lives and the Social Security disability claims process is no exception.  With the closing of the Social Security Administration (SSA)’s […]